About US

Ashley and Bethany are two sewing enthusiasts who met on Instagram in 2022 and quickly became fast friends. Despite living in different parts of the world, they bonded over their shared love of sewing and began exchanging tips, tricks, and ideas over direct messages.

Their friendship grew stronger as they discovered that they both had a passion for teaching sewing to others.

Realizing that they could combine their skills and experience to reach a wider audience, Ashley and Bethany decided to start a sewing podcast together. They wanted to create a platform where they could share their expertise, interview other sewing experts, and answer listener questions.

Despite their busy schedules, Ashley and Bethany remain close friends and continue to inspire and educate others through their podcast and online sewing communities. Their friendship is a testament to the power of social media to connect like-minded people and create meaningful relationships.

About Bethany

Host, Sewist, Pattern designer

Bethany McCue is a highly skilled and professional sewist with over 30 years of sewing experience. She is the host of The Sewcial Hour Podcast and runs the popular online platform, Craft with Bethany. In addition to her passion for sewing, Bethany works as a full-time educator for Singer Sewing Company, sharing her expertise with others and inspiring a new generation of sewists. Her dedication to the craft is evident in the quality of her work and her commitment to teaching others.
Bethany is a multi-talented artist with experience in various forms of crafting. In addition to her skills in woodworking, epoxy, clay and sculpting, painting, and die cutting machines, she also has expertise in working with materials such as vinyl, faux leather, paper, and fabric.
Her passion for teaching others to find their creative side and learn a new skill is evident in all that she does. She always delivers fun tutorials with clear instructions for success while simultaneously making it 100% fun all along the way. Her encouraging approach paired with her technical subject matter knowledge is why her tutorials are sought out by all skill levels of sewists and crafters alike.  
Bethany went to the University of Tennessee Knoxville as a Fine Art major before transferring to the International Academy of Fashion Design & Merchandising to focus her education in the field of Fashion Design. Shortly after, her life took on a different path of motherhood requiring her to put her dreams of becoming a fashion designer on hold. For the next 10 years she continued to craft and sew while pursuing a career in recruiting, talent acquisition and HR for several agencies and corporations. 
In 2019 she felt called to make sewing a bigger focus in her life and that’s when Biscuit Belle Boutique, an online dog bandana boutique, came to life. This venture reignited her passion for sewing and helped launch her career in the field. 
In 2021 she shifted career paths completely and accepted her ‘dream job’ as an Education Specialist for SVP Worldwide focusing specifically on the education for Singer Sewing Company North America. Since joining the company she has created countless tutorials, hosted many livestream sew-alongs and has traveled to conventions and expos to connect with sewists all across the US. 
In 2023 Bethany enrolled in a 12 week course with Erbaccia School of Pattern Making and Grading to reignite her fashion design education and expand her knowledge specifically in pattern drafting through Adobe Illustrator with the intention of designing her own PDF patterns for others to be able to create her fashion designs themselves.
You can find her tutorials on Singer.com, Singer’s YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and TikTok as well as Michael’s Craft Stores YouTube. 
In her “free time”, Bethany loves to spend time with her fiancé, Brett, her son, Brock, and her two pups, Gus & Biscuit. As a family they love to travel to unique AirBnBs and spend time outside in the garden together. And when she’s not writing or filming tutorials she is still working away in her sewing room creating new garments for herself and family.

About Ashley

Host, Sewist, Pattern designer

Ashley is a talented sewist who has been running her own sewing YouTube channel for over a decade. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge and skills with others, and her channel is filled with a wealth of sewing tutorials and patterns that cater to a range of skill levels.
When she’s not sewing, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, she is married and has two beautiful children, which she often includes in her sewing and gardening content.
Ashley loves creating small sewing projects, purses and garments, her attention to detail and eye for design are evident in every project she takes on
Overall, Ashley is a creative and driven individual who has found a way to turn her passion for sewing into a successful online business. She continues to inspire others with her sewing projects and tutorials, and her loyal followers look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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